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Marble DIY Chargers

Items Needed:

    • Large Bowl
    • Hot Water
    • White Plastic Chargers (ours are from Dollar Tree. Score!)
    • Nail Polish (we used white and black)
    • Modge Podge

Looking to add a modern touch to your wedding or dinner party, but want to do it on a budget? Then we have the perfect solution for you! These DIY Marble Chargers are sure to offer a unique, modern touch to any event, plus they are super easy to make. This is a great project to get your bridesmaids involved in as well. Invite everyone over for pizza, wine, and crafts!

To begin, set all your materials out onto a large table. Once you begin, you will need to work fast in order to get as many chargers done before the water cools. Keep the nail polish open throughout the project and work close to a sink. This will make the process go much faster.

Fill your large bowl up with hot water. Use enough water to completely submerge half of the charger. Once your bowl has water in it, drip the nail polish into the bowl. You need enough nail polish to completely cover the top of the water. This will ensure that your chargers don’t have a lot of white spots. Use colors in a similar color family to create that marble effect. Once nail polish is in the bowl, move the water around to mix up the colors.

Submerge the charger into the water and continue to turn until all the outside edges are covered in nail polish. Turn the charger once the nail polish catches the edge, if you let the charger just sit in the water, than you will get chunky pieces of nail polish stuck to the charger. You will not need to do the inside of the charger because a plate will be covering that part. The nail polish should stick easily to the charger and create a marble/tie dye looking pattern. If the nail polish is not sticking, that means that your water is not hot enough. After two or three chargers, change out the water. You will need to add more nail polish after every charger.

Let the chargers dry for up to 24 hours so that the nail polish does not peel off. Once the chargers are done, add a coat of modge podge to the chargers to ensure that they will last a long time. If you buy your chargers from The Dollar Tree, these chargers will run you around $1.50 each once completed!

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