New Year, New Ring. How To Celebrate Your Engagement


Did you get engaged this holiday season? If so congratulations! Before you start losing sleep over planning your wedding, take some time to enjoy your engagement. It only lasts so long and you should make memories you can look back on in 50 years. We are breaking down 5 things you can do to celebrate your engagement within the first couple weeks. P.S. none of these things involve throwing a large party.


  1. Visit where you met or went on your first date

Now’s the time to travel down memory lane. Go back to where it all began and the things that have brought you to where you are now. If you can’t go back to your first date, then recreate it by ordering the same food or listening to the same song.


  1. Get the two families together to announce the news

Posting about your engagement online is impersonal. Get everyone that matters most together at your house and announce the news to them in person. It will mean a lot to them to be able to share in the celebration. Make sure to order lots of pizza, or cook your favorite foods!


  1. Engagement photo shoot

Let’s be real…we know you want to show off that ring and your partner. Why not to that by having an engagement photo shoot? Whether you hire a professional or your best friend, go someplace with beautiful scenery and snap some pics. These pictures will give you memories to last a lifetime, and images to use on your wedding website!


  1. Weekend vacation

Things are about to get crazy over the next couple months with wedding planning. Take some time for yourselves by planning a romantic weekend vacation. Go back to where you first met or jetset across the country for some much needed relaxation. You will return refreshed and ready to kick ass at planning your wedding.


  1. Lots of champagne

If there is ever a time to unabashedly drink all the champagne, it’s now. Grab a bottle of your favorite bubbly and share a drink between the two of you, or with your friends and family. If champagne isn’t your thing, than have a round or beer or shots.

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